Frontiers Research Topic: Infectious Disease Surveillance: Applying Cooperative Research to Recent Outbreaks including COVID-19


The aim of this research topic is to highlight the essential link between surveillance and cooperative research focusing on partnerships with scientists working in countries less represented in scientific literature. Articles dealing with surveillance and mitigation of seasonal and/or endemic diseases (e.g. respiratory, arboviral) will be welcome in the form of papers that include work from ongoing programs, such as surveillance of seasonal respiratory diseases and how such work pivoted to address COVID-19. These papers will highlight original research and related work in reviews, methods, perspectives, and editorials, covering a range of disciplines, sectors, and geographic locations.

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Potential Authors: researchers and implementers, including those in global biosecurity engagement programs; highlighting multi-disciplinary work and multi-sectoral partnerships.
• Public sector: national, state, local level institutes and agencies.
• Private sector: commercial, industry.
• Academia, including non-profit and charitable organizations.