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EpiPointe is a public health organization specializing in the design, development, implementation and analysis of epidemiologic and clinical research studies for emerging and infectious diseases. Through a foundation in epidemiologic methods and an understanding of disease pathogenesis, we provide strategic solutions tailored to meet project requirements, and enable effective and sustainable study outcomes.
We are experienced in the development and implementation of field epidemiology studies and clinical trials in domestic and international settings for a variety of infectious diseases and biothreat pathogens including malaria, influenza, Lassa Fever, Ebola, brucellosis, Rift Valley Fever, and emerging pathogens. Our specific focus has been on assessing the epidemiologic and immuno-epidemiologic risk factors associated with disease risk and pathogenesis. Through our understanding of the immunologic aspects of infectious disease, we have also participated in vaccine development efforts for malaria and H1N1 influenza. We have experience in clinical trial management, particularly during the translational phase of product development and can oversee the necessary activities to take a potential product from pre-clinical studies through to implementation of Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.

We have a track record of effective project management in challenging settings with multiple public and private institutions and academic partners. While maintaining a focus on the science, we utilize innovative project management methods to ensure study success. Our technical expertise combined with our real-life experience in project management allows us to understand the interplay between scientific goals and financial responsibilities. Therefore, we develop a customized action plan to ensure that project objectives are achieved through a timely and cost-effective solution with a high level of scientific integrity.